Monsters Inked / by Andrew Bannecker


I'm very excited to be a part of this gallery. It will be from the 8th to 19th of April in London. I've creating 4 new pieces for the show so please stop by and check it out.

Monsters Inked: Inside the minds of The Gods of Monsters

An unveiling of brand new and extraordinary Monster Illustrations will explore the inner workings of an artist psyche as The Idea Generation Gallery strips bare the art of Monsters.

Move over Charles Darwin, this exhibition is leading a unique anthropological Monster study - one step beyond for evolution.

The Monsters Inked show will explore the development of monster drawings from the deepest, darkest depths of an artist imagination, onto the sketch pad and finishing on the gallery wall - in an incredible exhibition of more than 100 monster images.

From an astonishing new commission of Pete Fowler's surreal and psychedelic Monsterism Island to a world -first display of Rob Steen's visceral Flanimals. The exhibition will take an exclusive and remarkable look at the inner-workings of artist's mind, to find out exactly where mind-boggling monster illustrations come from...revealing the story behind how & why they were created.